4 Ways to wear glitter this winter

It’s no secret that glitter is having a grown-up moment this year. It’s also proved to be the most versatile beauty product this winter. You can dust it over your eye lids, under your brows, in your overgrown roots, or on top of your favourite lipstick. And that’s just for starters, hun.

If you’re afraid of glitter – which is fine, by the way – I’ve rounded up my top 4 favourite trends, which you can easily copy. I’ll start off with some simplistic tricks, ending with a few show stoppers for those of you who are more daring.

Keep scrolling to find out which glitter look you’ll sparkle in this winter…

Glitter-lined brows

In the snap below, Gigi Hadid demonstrates subtle, yet uber cool glitter-lined brows. This look is really easy to copy, too. All you have to do is apply your face makeup as normal, then gently dot the liner under your brows.

Tip: it’s best to apply only a little mascara – if not any – as heavy lashes will make your eye area look over done.

Pros: if your brows are in need of some TLC, glitter will hide any stray hairs that need plucking. Genius.

So girl, if you’re thinking you can totally rock this look, Urban Decay have a selection of long-wear colours to pick from. You can find them all here.

gigi glitter.jpg

Glitter tears 

Burberry made their models cry tears of glitter this fall – and it looked frigging awesome.

This is definitely a go-to look for a night out. And the best part? You probably tried and tested this look back in the summer, so it’s a safe option to go for, as you’ll already have mad application skills…

But if you’re not already a pro, I have a few trusty tips to share. Vaseline makes a great base, so all you need to do is dab a light layer where you’ll be applying your sparkle. A small amount of Vaseline is best, and will help the glitter stay on for longer. Apply too much, and you risk it running off your face… Also, the upper cheek bones tend to be the most flattering place to apply this stuff, and remember less is definitely more when it comes to glitter.

Check out MAC’s top 20 shades while you’re at it.

glitter 2.jpg

Glitter lips

This has got to be my favourite look so far, and Bella Hadid shows us that it doesn’t look OTT, either.

Now, it might be true that Bella has a makeup squad to correct the slightest of smudges at any given time, but isn’t that what your girls are for, too? There’s no need to be afraid of this look, because if you buy the right product, you’ll be party and Prosecco proof all night.

These Beauty Boulevard glitter lip kits have been rated as one of the longest-wearing products, and they’re an affordable £12.50 from Superdrug. Plus you’ll earn some points, too.

bella glitter.jpg

Glitter roots 

This trend goes all the way back to 2015, but it’s definitely still one of my favourite looks for this winter. And lets face it, with Christmas coming up we’ve hardly got the money for a full head of highlights. So why not glam up your roots with some glitter, instead? It’s pretty easy, too. Just part your hair down the middle and apply a light layer of gel on your roots – this will help to keep the glitter on your hair.

Not convinced? Take a look at some of the snaps below…

brunette glitter.jpg


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